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Vlogging in Quarantine

MY goal of this video is to basically gets some laughs out from this depressing historical event. I belive that i have achived my goal by putting MEMES and just making fun of myself which we should all do onece in a while. It was a very fun expirence and I would do it again if I can come up with something worthy to watch. My favorite Youtuber at the moment is SNEAKO, he spits nothing but the truth and is a cool dude, i would want to meet him or go to one of his shows one of these days when its safe out, I also love his videos because he doesn’t care what others say about him; he makes his videos with confidence. Although I think my video isnt that special or authentic from other peoples, its my first video and it was cringy but I was myself and i believe that can cut through to anyone who watches.