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Welcome to My New Visual Arts Blog

My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Finger Painting- Abstract

This assignment expirence was very fun and creative. It was easier than I thought as im just smudging marking on a canvas. Without an objective to paint I felt kind of lost on where i should start or do. Compared to other paintings I’ve seen I believe that my painting isn’t really something

Find Art Anywhere

The form and aesthetic of this art is very obious and can be understood by what it it. But the meaning and reason for its being and creation is still very questionable.This art would seem to be art because some one clearly drew something. This art will continue to be art even if the rectangle is not there because it does represtent as a form of art work. This art is not abstract as it possesses a form that people can easily relate to, and that is how we know that this object is art. Art can take any form or shape, the experience does reside in the experience of the viewer as they are the ones decoding and expirencing the piece in there own way.

Drinking and Drawing

This activity was very fun and entertaining. I personally love to draw I would love to pursue it as a major. I might try this activity again if i am ever just out of ideas to create or kill time drawing my surroundings. I believe practicing for a long time will benefit your skill and talent in drawing. I am currently undeclared but i believe incorporating drawing in everyday situations can be soothing or sometimes i could vent my frustrations. I do think that drawing something you are feeling is another way of expressing yourself without exatly using words.

Storytelling (Life with a younger sibling)

At first i was not going to choose this topic but it would have been a waste of a picture not to! When i was going through my photos i noticed that the story it told lined up; which is when your younger sibling wont leave you alone or will annoy you. The visually best image in my opinion is the one of my sister’ it has so much characteristic and its funny if you look at it for a long time. I beleive that most of my images are pretty great; if id have to choose one that did not make the mark i’d say the third pircture as its still and boring looking but it helps my story because it shows me focusing on not just the ground but whats also above me. I would try hard to find something interesting to tell a better story and not just a surprising hilarious moment.

Artist conversation #2

Artist: JP Gonzalez- Sculpture BFA Group Exhibition

Exhibition: Afterburn

Media: Sculpture 

Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery 

JP Gonzalez is an undergrad understudy at CSULB and is in the Sculpture BFA program. The “Afterburn” show is really a gathering display with other sculpture BFA majors also. Gonzalez’s piece didn’t generally have a name however it was truly fascinating. He says that a great deal of his work is affected by his feelings and encounters that he has confronted. Gonzalez states that one of key factors that impact his piece was an ongoing separation. His piece is of a plastic like material folded over a skeleton to make the body shape. There is additionally a projector anticipating a vehicle video circle over the piece. He says that after he had experienced the separation, he felt like his accomplice’s recollections despite everything lived in him despite the fact that the relationship might be dead. 

Gonzalez artwork specifically has a plastic-bag like material. It was transparent yet they used black to contrast with the transparent. I believe to add texture to their piece they also added the projection system to convey an image. They also used shape, mainly round shapes, to mold the plastic bags to look like a body. Gonzalez piece was roughly big, taking up the whole wall. Differing from Gonalez, the sculpture group did their own thing. One piece I saw was of a garden like sculpture with a plaque at the center. It contrasted the idea of death. The flowers were bright and colorful while the idea of death was dark. 

Also he expressed that he accumulated his persuasions from past encounters. For example, an ongoing separation. Notwithstanding, Gonzalez expressed that the display settled on a particular thought; afterburn. The presentation “Afterburn” is dependent on a real sensation when the body manages overabundance, for example, the body delivering more oxygen in light of physical strain. This sensation is esteemed as a token of work and permitted distress so as to develop. The pieces all arrangement with injury and the body’s reaction torment held in the psyche and physical body. The injury at times deserts a memory or even a scar, that causes individuals to recollect what they had experienced 

I personally had a good experience because it was comforting seeing the art and also connecting it to the idea. I also really liked seeing different people’s interpretation of the the exhibition “Afterburn”. Everyone has gone through something, and seeing how they interpret their trauma was an eye opening experience. I personally really like sculpture because it’s different from looking at a canvas. I liked having a three hundred sixty view of an art piece. Seeing every detail was different from looking at the details on a canvas painting. Instead of looking at strokes, and detail, I was able to look at more of the material, size, and molding of each sculpture. 

Shocking Art

The reason why i chose this idea was because in our society, we value money more than anything in the world and destorying something valuable such as money(although in the picture its fake) is a very shocking type of message. If I were to use a real bill and uploaded it to the media I believe I would get mixed reviews of hate or love for this piece because it is very disrespectful to some who love money or value it, on the other hand people would agree with my reasons and views and support me. If i would do something different I would make the effort to make a more realistic looking dollar bill. Another idea of shocking art i would like to explore is maybe raising the middle finger up to one my professors or just the school.

Counterfactual Identity

Exposed Me

Catfish me

The look i was trying to go for was the popular “soft-girl” look, i personally don’t use makeup due to my hormonal acne also because its alot of work and effort. I went to downtown LA to ask some people “what kind a girl I am” and “what do i major in”. The responses i got were very funny, i laughed and had alot of fun; I stopped a old coupled and asked what i major in they said ” Are you an Art Major? Or Fasion?”. Another person i interviewed was my Boyfriend he said, “You look like one of those girls from TikTok… EW”. My expirence on this project was a real eye opener, because i never really wore makeup and it was a boost of confidence when people would compliment me and tell me i look “pretty”.

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Drawing your brain

Me and my niece decided to draw a bunch of spirals and circles. It was really difficult for us as her hands were very small compared to mine. But after we did ouir own thing andcolor in all the spirals and circles hwoever we wanted and whatever we wanted to. This piece made me feel anxious I’ve never drawn anything like this or with anyone. After i got into, I suddenly enjoyed cloring and making it most fun since quarantine.